How to Build a
Giant Tesla Coil

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How to Build a Giant Tesla Coil describes construction of the road-show models I designed in 1980 that provided special effects for the Doobie Brothers tour.

One of the two coils is still used daily at the Science Place, Dallas.

The design, which can be mounted horizontally or vertically, produces discharges up to 10' in length.


My Wife's Three Books
(I worked on them too!)

Woven Wire Jewelry
: Learn to make beautiful jewelry from silver and gold-filled wire. Also has chapters using Precious Metal Clay™


Getting Started Making Wire Jewelry: amazingly cool projects for the total beginner



Jewelry Studio: Wire Wrapping. This book won the PMA Benjamin Franklin Award for "Best Craft Book for 2006."

Stunning Jewelry Projects!


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Table-Top Lightning

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Table-Top Lightning offers two simple designs that produce discharges up to 24".

The coils are suited for projects requiring a rugged, compact apparatus.

Unfortunately, the 15 kv, 30 ma, neon sign transformer required (one without a ground-fault interrupter) has become difficult to find.

How to Build a
Van de Graaff Generator

Van de Graaff
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This manual describes how to build both triboelectric (friction) and spray-charged Van de Graaff generators.

I constructed two large machines, one vertically mounted and one horizontally mounted, for science shows and laboratory testing.

The downloadable manual is without a front cover, and the photos and artwork are low-res, 'cause they're on old Zip drives I can't open!

Also, I suggest applying a negative charge to the collector instead of the positive charge shown in the diagrams. A negative charge is best for long sparks to a hand-held electrode.


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Note: These manuals are currently being updated and will available soon.